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Street Department

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The Street Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 90 miles of City streets in accordance with State specifications. Specific duties include paving, resurfacing and ditching roads; cleaning and repairing storm drains, catch basins, and inlets; mending potholes; clearing, cutting and cleaning along right-of-ways; salting and sanding of roads in winter; repairing sidewalks; installing and maintaining street and traffic signs; and painting street lines and pedestrian crosswalks.

On any given day, Street Department crews can be seen throughout the City maintaining and repairing roads and right-of-ways. City officials instituted an annual Paving Program, which simplifies the process of having City roads resurfaced during a specific fiscal year. The Paving Program insures that all roads receive attention at the appropriate time.

Also, on this department's list of responsibilities is the Sidewalk Replacement Program. Due to the high volume of foot traffic in Gatlinburg, it is essential that all sidewalks remain free from dangers that might cause harm to the public. Defects that are reported such as cracks, holes or slippery spots are investigated and if found to be on City property are restored to the proper condition or replaced completely.

Another project that is done in-house by Street Department crews is the repairing and painting of all bridges in the City. Although, bridge work is monitored and inspected by the State of Tennessee, all labor is completed by the Street Department, which results in a substantial savings to the City of Gatlinburg.

Street Department crews are vital to the City during the winter months. Snow and icy conditions can cause havoc on Gatlinburg's mountain roads causing residents and tourists to become stranded. As soon as snow or ice is predicted, this department jumps into action readying the City's salt spreaders and snow plows. City crews that work the snowplows and salt spreaders often risk unsafe conditions themselves in order to insure that the roads around Gatlinburg remain clear for safe passage.

On a daily basis the personnel of the Street Department display efficiency, pride and skill as they work together to keep all roads leading to, from and through Gatlinburg easy to travel.