City of Gatlinburg

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Please choose the link below to make an online payment.

Utility Payments - There is a nominal 2.85% fee per credit card transction or a $.50 fee per e-check transaction. 

Court Payments - Please pardon our progress while we are changing the company that processes our online payments for court costs/fines.  We hope to have this option up and available soon.  Thank you for your patience.  To pay a fine or court cost or discuss late payments, please contact the court clerk at 865-436-1419. There is a nominal 2.65% plus $1.00 fee per credit card transaction .

Property Taxes -  There is a nominal 2.65% fee plus $1.00 fee per credit card transaction or a 1.75% fee plus $1.00 fee per e-check transaction.  

One of the conveniences the City of Gatlinburg offers residents and tourists is the ability to make certain payments online. These services are provided by a third party working in partnership with the City. The online payments made to the City through the third party include a nominal fee to develop, maintain, and enhance the online services. The City does not receive these funds.