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The Investigations Division is staffed with four full-time Detectives. Their cases are generally assigned by the Assistant Chief of Police and generate from the patrol division or are self-generated by the detectives. All of the detectives at the Police Department are "General Assignment" detectives which means that they can be assigned to investigate any type of crime from a minor theft to a homicide. Each detective was selected after serving at least seven years of uniform patrol and completing of a number of specialized and advanced schools. The Investigations Division is a full service unit and can respond to any call for service where an investigation is required.

The Police Department also has an arson investigator. The arson investigator is a full-time fire inspector with the Fire Department who has been through the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and maintains his law enforcement certification through the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.). He is a sworn law enforcement officer and conducts arson investigations for the Police Department.