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The determining factors for award of a bid includes price, service, past history, delivery time, specifications, and any other factors relevant to the respective circumstances.  The final determining factor in award of a bid will be what is in the best interest for the City of Gatlinburg.

All bids and/or proposals will be awarded on a non-discriminatory basis and will receive fair and equal treatment throughout the entire procurement process.

If you are interested in any of these bids please contact Delea Patterson at (865) 436-1409 for more information.

Click on the bid description below to view the requirements of the bid.

Bid Opening Time Description
 March 21, 2019  2:30 PM Dumpsters
 March 21, 2019

 2:30 PM

Mills Park Press Box

Drawings for the Mills Press Box

 March 28, 2018  2:30 PM

Community Center and Library Roof


 March 28, 2019  2:30 PM IT Wiring
 April 4, 2019  2:30 PM Active Directory and Backup